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The newest in Talis and Tefillin bags are LEATHER and SUEDE.  
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We provide Sifrei Torah in all scripts: Arizal, Bais Yosef, Sefard, and Chabad, all qualities, and sizes: 12”-22”. Every Torah is computer checked and followed by a sofer’s manual examination, and comes with a mantel and eitz chaim.
New Sifrei Torah are our specialty, and many recommendations are available.
Some Sifrei Torah are ready to be delivered immediately, others, almost immediately, and still others are in the process of being written. Sifrei Torah can also be ordered for the sofer to write exclusively for you.

Prices reflect the quality and hidur of the Sefer Torah ranging in price from $18,000 to $39,500.

We supply all Torah ornaments: mantels, crowns, rimonim, breastplates, poroches-Torah ark curtains, bima covers, bein gavras, eitz chaim, Torah belts/buckles, and yads-pointers.
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A magnificent Sefer Torah

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